[pdf] Oscillation Theorems for Semi-Infinite and Infinite Jacobi Operators
University of Vienna, January 2013.

My PhD thesis at E-Thesis



[pdf] Relative Oscillation Theory for Jacobi Matrices Extended
Operators and Matrices, Volume 8, Number 1 (2014), 99–115.


[pdf] Relative Oscillation Theory for Jacobi Matrices
with Gerald Teschl
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications, M. Bohner (ed) et al., 105-115, Uğur-Bahçeşehir University Publishing Company, Istanbul, 2009.



Spectral Theory and Differential Operators,
August 27-31, 2012, TU Graz, Austria

Operator Theory, Analysis and Mathematical Physics,
June 11-14, 2012, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain

ÖMG Tagung – CSASC 2011,
Minisymposium ‘Oscillation and Spectral Theory of Differential and Difference equations’
September 25-28, 2011, Donau-Universität Krems, Austria


Quantum Spectra and Transport (on the occasion of Yosi Avron’s 65th birthday),
June 30 – July 4, 2013, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Jerusalem, Israel

Complex patterns in wave functions – drums, graphs, and disorder,
September 5-7, 2012, Royal Society at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK

ESF/EMS/ERCOM conference on Completely Integrable Systems and Applications,
July 3-8, 2011, ESI, Vienna

Diploma Thesis:

[pdf] Relative oscillation theory for Jacobi operators

My diploma thesis at E-Thesis

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